wedge and crumbles of parmigiano cheese in front of wheel cottage cheese with strawberries on top with a pitcher of milk in the background package with brown wrapping paper tied up with a plaid ribbon

Cheesemonger Pet-Peeves

 What is your biggest cheese pet-peeve?  When you’re at a party or gathering, don’t dig the cheese out of the rind, leaving a flapping cave of rind on the platter. Take a complete slice, top to bottom, so the cheese doesn’t become mutilated. Every wheel or wedge is a living beautiful thing and deserves to […]

Pholia Farm in Rogue River, Oregon makes raw milk aged goat cheeses from Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Are Cheese Rinds Edible?

Not all cheese rinds are edible, but cheesemonger Ray Bair tells you how to know what is good to eat and what isn’t

When to Serve Cheese

 Is it best to serve a cheese course before the meal, after the entrée, or at the end of the meal?  I am often asked when, during the course of a meal, is the “right time” for the cheese plate. Well, my friends, I ask you, when is the wrong time? Still, many cheese experts […]

cheese-slices-silo-750x368 Three types of stinky French cheeses stand in a row next to thin breadsticks grey owl cheese by fromagerie le detour The gala event of the 2011 American Cheese Society Annual Conference, open sampling of over 1600 cheeses from across North America. Palais des CongrËs in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. August 3, 2011. © Allen McEachern.

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