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Table of Contents: Winter 2020

A taste of what’s featured in our Winter 2020 issue.

Art and Craft: The making of artisan cheese in America

Made mostly by hand, artisan cheese is a labor of love, skill, and time.

Behind The Label: FireFly Farms Cabra LaMancha

  “We believe cheesemaking is an art as much as a science,” says Mike Koch, co-founder and president of Maryland-based FireFly Farms. “[We] have been committed to support for community arts since our beginning.” For proof, take alook at FireFly’s eye-catching cheeses. Washed-rind Cabra LaMancha’s label features a goatherd washing his milk vessel in a […]

Cheese Lit for Autumn 2020

Hit your local (online) book shop to grab and enjoy these cheesy reads all season long. 

New on the Market for Autumn 2020

We’ve rounded up six hot products to look out for on your next shopping trip.

Top Seedz Giveaway

Enter our giveaway with Top Seedz and be one of 5 lucky winners to receive a bounty of delicious, vegan, gluten free crackers! Winners will receive: Four, 5 oz. boxes of Top Seedz Crackers in the following flavors: Sea Salt Rosemary Cumin 6 Seed One 6oz. package of Maple Magic Roasted Seeds One Top Seedz […]

Autumn 2020 Beehive Cheese Giveaway

Enter our autumn giveaway and you’ll be one of two lucky readers to receive a package from Beehive Cheese!

Virtual Counter Culture: Laura Chenel and Marin French Cheeses

The third Virtual Counter Culture in culture’s ongoing series transported participants to California’s Bay Area, home to two renowned American makers of French-style cheeses—Laura Chenel and Marin French Cheeses. Madeleine Coogins, trade marketing associate for RIANS—the parent company of both operations—offered a history of Laura Chenel, which is entering its fifth decade in goat-cheese production. […]

Table of Contents: Autumn 2020

FEATURES:    FRENCH WITHOUT FUSS Easy, versatile galettes bring Gallic flair to the table. by Jenny Dorsey CENTERFOLD: BLUEBIRD A savory song from Martha’s Vineyard. by Margaret Leahy A GRANA GRAND TOUR This ancient Italian style is now made worldwide. by Linni Kral ART AND CRAFT Artisan cheese is a labor of love, skill, and […]

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