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The Cheese And I

The Cheese and I by Matt Feroze book cover

In 2011, Matt Feroze left his cushy accounting job to chase a wild dream: Become a cheesemonger—in France, no less. After only 18 months, he was crowned Champion de France des Fromagers in one of the country’s most illustrious cheesemonger competitions, becoming the first foreigner to do so. As part of the contest, Feroze beat veteran mongers in blind taste tests, cheese cutting, and arranging a cheese plate comprised of varieties he’d matured. Feroze documents this amazing career change in his autobiography, The Cheese and I: An Englishman’s Voyage Through the Land of Fromage (Michael O’Mara Books, April 2014; $22.95). He chronicles his path to success, struggling not only with the craft of artisanal cheesemaking, but also with the French language. How do you say, “It’s the feel-good food book of the year,” en Français?

The Cheese And I by Matt Feroze
$22.95 on Amazon.com

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