3 New Cheese Books Out This Winter
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Culture’s Favorite Cheese Books of Winter 2018

Curl up with some cafe con queso and indulge in these cheesy reads.

Grilled Cheese Social  

From a childhood obsession with grilled cheese sandwiches to cheesemongering in NYC, running restaurant kitchens in Florida, and building a devoted following on Instagram, MacKenzie Smith (aka @grilledcheesesocial) has never stopped chasing the perfect cheese pull. Her first book, Grilled Cheese Social (Story Farm, January 2019), offers fun and creative twists on the classic from breakfast to dessert, accompanied by infinite grilled cheese wisdom. Wondering which cheese melts best? How photographers capture the perfect pull? Whether you can grill your sandwich using an iron? Smith has you covered.  


This sweet little cookbook (Short Stack Editions, May 2018; $14) is Tia Keenan’s ode to the soft, tangy world of fresh goat cheese. Like other editions in the Short Stack series, it offers exciting new ways to enjoy a beloved ingredient under the tutelage of an American culinary talent. The book’s 20 recipes delve into the savory (think Roasted Harissa Carrots with Creamed Chèvre and Tahini Dressing), the sweet (like a Pavlova of Chèvre Cream and Mezcal-Braised Rhubarb), and the sippable (two words: Chèvre Nog). 

 Successful Cheesemaking  

If you’re a serious home cheesemaker or you’re looking to jumpstart a cheese business, this 630-page tome (Smooth Stone Press, March 2018; $125) will prove to be an invaluable resource. Author and teacher Merryl Winstein spent eight years developing these detailed, step-by-step cheesemaking instructions. Lauded as one of the most in-depth how-to guides on the market, the collection provides standalone recipes accompanied by over 800 photos—a perfect starting point for serious dabblers and experienced cheesemakers alike.

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