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Four Cheese Books to Read this Winter

1 The Modern Cheeseboard: Pair Your Way to the Perfect Grazing Platter

In her newest book, London cheese shop owner Morgan McGlynn shares how to cut, style, and pair cheese to create memorable cheese and charcuterie arrangements for any occasion. The Modern Cheeseboard (White Lion Publishing, August 30, 2022) includes 40 arrangements and all the instructions you’ll need for boards that’ll inspire and delight your guests. Whatever the event, whether it’s a cozy fondue night for two or a celebration for 200, McGlynn offers expert advice to take your cheeseboards up a notch.

2 Cheese Champions: The World’s Crème de la Crème of Raw Milk Cheese

The more you learn about cheese, the more you realize there is to know. In their new book, cheese refiner Frédéric Van Tricht and cheesemaker Giedo De Snijder set out to discover as much as they could about the best raw-milk cheeses. Cheese Champions (Lannoo International, October 3, 2022) details the stories and people behind 20 of the best raw-milk cheeses from around the world. The result is a passionate deep dive into a curated selection of sustainable, handmade cheeses produced using traditional methods with respect for the craft, animals, and land.

3 Cooking with Whey: A Cheesemaker’s Guide to Using Whey

For every gallon of milk used to make cheese, there is about three-quarters of a gallon of leftover whey. At first glance, this watery-looking milk might seem like a waste byproduct, but it’s rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. With the help of Claudia Lucero’s new book, you can unlock the power of this liquid gold. Cooking with Whey (Storey Publishing, October 25, 2022) contains 60 inventive recipes: From skillet cornbread and duck ramen to pineapple soft-serve and a whey and honey cocktail, Lucero shares many creative ways to use whey in your kitchen.

4 Doctors and Distillers: The Remarkable Medicinal History of Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Cocktails

Did you know spirits were once used to regulate body temperature, bitters were created as a cure for seasickness, and the search for a quinine alternative led to the discovery of chemotherapy? Discover more fun facts and little-known stories in a new book by cocktail and spirit expert Camper English. Doctors and Distillers (Penguin Books, July 19, 2022) traces the “inextricably intertwined history” of alcohol and medicine from ancient times all the way to our modern medicine and liquor cabinets. So, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the fascinating and witty trip through the medicinal history of alcohol.

Josie Krogh

Josie Krogh is culture's Digital Strategy Lead. She earned her master's degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics from The University of Georgia. Josie developed a love of food while working at farmstands in the D.C. area as a young adult, and discovered her love of cheese while living and working on a dairy farm on Martha's Vineyard. She is passionate about the food supply chain, fresh stone fruit, and dogs. Josie currently lives in Catskill, NY.

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