A selection of cheeses whose rinds have been washed with alcohol

Booze Washed Rind Cheeses

Cheesemonger Carolyn Bender gives examples on how to do a funky twist on cheese and wine pairing by serving cheeses whose rinds have been washed in alcohol

A photo of a small stemless glass of Cabernet Franc. Five classy port bottles stand in a line. A carboy of mead is attached via plastic tube to a large bottle. A thick, creamy spread of ricotta cheese features drizzled olive oil on top and toasted slices of bread for dipping goodness. A photograph of myriad glasses of opulent wines from the top down. A tractor hauls wooden cartons of grapes before a stunning vista of a vineyard on the shores of a New York lake. Racks of wooden wine barrels occupy the floor of an enormous cellar. An autumnal view of a row of grapes at a California vineyard. A glass of madeira stands next to a bottle and a hunk of crumbly cheese.

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