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FireFly Farms Chèvre and Natural Wine are the Perfect Match

Since its inception, FireFly Farms has been on a mission to make cheese that tastes good, and to do it in a sustainable way. One of the ways FireFly Farms prioritizes sustainability is by “recycling”  whey.

For every pound of cheese produced, there are 8-9 pounds of whey byproduct. So what’s a cheesemaker to do with all that whey? Whey is not a product you can sell as-is, but it can be used to make protein powder, distilled into spirits, or fed to livestock as a nutrient dense food. FireFly Farms has chosen to go the third route, and has developed a network of local farms eager to “dispose” of its whey.

When we visited FireFly Farms in Accident, Maryland we had the opportunity to catch this in action. Every week, Wildom Farm comes to the creamery and fills up a tank of whey to bring back to the farm to feed pigs (and piglets). Pigs absolutely love the whey, and FireFly Farms loves that its whey is being put to good use.

As for making delicious cheese, we think the cheese can speak for itself. FireFly Farms fresh goat cheese is an excellent example of letting  the milk shine in order to create a superior and delicious product. Freshness is key with goat cheese, which is why FireFly Farms uses locally sourced goat’s milk that is processed within 24 hours of the animals being milked. The result is a supremely clean and fresh tasting goat cheese, with a mild acidity and minerality. Its simplicity makes it an excellent pairing choice for natural wines. 

Natural wines are all about the winemaking process and farming practices. These wines don’t include additives, which means they can vary from batch to batch and are intended to let the grapes shine—just like how FireFly Farms lets the goat’s milk shine.

FireFly Farms

FireFly Farms' cheeses are produced using sustainably-produced, locally‐sourced fresh goat’s and cow’s milk and time‐honored, traditional methods of cheese making. Their cheeses have received national and international recognition for taste and quality since their opening in 2002.

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