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Ribera y Rueda: Food Friendly Wines From Spain

Find these wines at these fine retailers

culture is excited to be partnering with Ribera y Rueda in launching a pilot program to support cheese and wine retailers around the country—which is expected to expand dramatically in the coming months.

These high-value wines from Spain pair perfectly with a wide variety of cheeses and other fine foods! This program offers an opportunity for retailers to introduce customers to these food-friendly wines. If you have questions, reach out to Stephanie Skinner stephanie@culturecheesemag.com or Greg O’Neill greg@riberaruedawine.com.

Participating Retailers

Austin, TX
Grand Rapids, MI
Babcock & Miles
Red Lodge, MT
Cheese Plus
San Francisco, CA
Concord Cheese Shop
Concord, MA
Cork & Rind
Saint Charles, MO
Dawson’s Market
Washington D.C.
Rockville, MD
Farmington, MI
France 44 Cheese Shop
Minneapolis, MN
GREY’S Fine Cheese
Memphis, TN
The Greene Grape
Brooklyn, NY
Guido’s Fresh Market
Pittsfield, MA
Great Barrington, MA

Lush Wine and Spirits
Evanston, IL
West Town, Chicago, IL
Roscoe Village, Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
Mission Bay Wine & Cheese 
San Fransisco, CA
Mongers Provisions
Detroit, MI
Berkley, MI
Noble Rind
Viroqua, WI
Otto’s Cheese Shop
New Braunfels, TX
Oxbow Wine & Cheese Merchant
Napa, CA
Paradise Pantry
Ventura, CA
Pastiche Provisions
Bowling Green, KY
Picnic Wine and Provisions
Chicago, IL

Great Barrington, MA
Dallas, TX
The Art of the Table
Grand Rapids, MI
The Cheese Shop of Williamsburg
Williamsburg, VA
Ten:One Cheese Shop
Denton, TX
The Cheese Lady
Muskegon, MI
The Cheese Market at Leary’s
Newburyport, MA
The Culture Shop
Charlotte, NC
The Rhined
Cincinnati, OH
The Spanish Table
San Francisco, CA
Mill Valley, CA
Berkeley, CA
Ann Arbor, MI

Winemaking in Spain’s most prestigious regions for red and white wines began almost 2,000 years ago. The flag of Castilla y León bears images of castles and lions—symbolism that represents the name of Spain’s largest region and a sense of purpose and prestige that has persisted to this day. It’s a wonder anyone would have thought to plant grapes in this place of extreme temperatures, blisteringly hot summers, bitterly cold winters, rocky terrain, and high altitudes, but a river runs through it, and with that, the key to vibrant vineyards and the stunning wines that come from them. Ribera y Rueda were bestowed the Denominación de Origen (D.O.) status in the 1980’s—and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ribera del Duero is home to more than 300 wineries, all of which have an almost singular focus: Tinto Fino, aka Tempranillo. Because many of the Ribera del Duero vines have been around for decades, they have adapted to the short growing season and develop their fruit relatively quickly. The result is complex wines with balanced acidity, a backbone of tannins, dark fruit, and sturdy structure. Read more.

Rueda sits at half a mile above sea level, where the climate is extreme with cold winters, late springs, and blistering summers. While harsh for humans, its native grape, Verdejo, thrives under these conditions, concentrating flavor. Characterized by elegant tropical fruit and fragrant citrus notes, the wines are aromatic and full-bodied with lively acidity. Read more.

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Perfect partners for cheese

Ribera y Rueda

Ribera y Rueda were bestowed the Denominación de Origen (D.O.) status in the 1980s. Rueda is home to Verdejo, Spain’s #1 white wine. Ribera del Duero produces Tempranillo, one of Spain’s most prestigious reds.

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