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Corned Beef Grilled Cheese

corned beef grilled cheese

This St. Patrick’s Day, indulge in the traditional corned beef with a twist: enjoy it slathered with cheddar, nestled between crispy pumpernickel, and dipped in homemade Russian dressing.

Whenever I have leftover meat I always figure out a way to enjoy it on a grilled cheese. That’s why I knew that I had to make a grilled cheese with my leftover corned beef. This sandwich is the perfect combination of salty corned beef, sharp Irish cheddar, homemade Russian dressing and crispy pumpernickel bread. You’re going to love this sandwich!

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Alicia Hahn

Alicia Hahn excels at eating and enjoys writing, crosswords, and cooking (preferably with cheese). Originally from San Francisco, she moved to Boston for school and fell in love with the city (despite an annual campaign against winter). Her favorite place to be is the farmers’ market, where she finds weird and exciting ingredients to make or break her next meal.