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5 Halloween Pairings to Enjoy at Home this Year

Conjure that Halloween fun from home by pairing some beloved seasonal treats with cheese this year.

Roquefort with Red Wine Poached Prunes

Ending a meal with cheese is luxurious. Roquefort pairs so well with jammy wines and dried fruit gives it the perfect amount of sweetness.

Can Do: Pucker Up

Tart-sweet shrubs offer the taste of summer all year long.

In Season: An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor A-Whey

With hundreds of varieties, the apple pairing possibilities are endless

Drinks with Cheese: Not Far From the Tree

Ciders are experiencing a renaissance—and cheese is along for the ride.

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité: Bastille Day Pairings

Celebrate Bastille Day from afar with classic French cheese and wine pairings

Leading the Whey

These drinks offer a surprisingly refreshing twist on an age-old combo.

Meat And Cheese: Pâté

Like cheese, pâté can certainly stand alone, but uniting the two can lead to a match made in snacking heaven. And don’t forget the condiments!

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