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Planet Cheese: New Swiss Cheese Nails It!

Planet Cheese: New Swiss Cheese Nails...

Raw cow’s milk, Swiss know-how and eight months in a cellar have produced a new alpine gem that you really need to know. Heirloom apples, toasted walnuts, and the new Swiss cheese Schnebelhorn—there’s your autumn cheese board.

Monisha Awasthi |

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A Rare Herd: Milking Shorthorn Cattle

A Rare Herd: Milking Shorthorn Cattle

The popularity of Milking Shorthorn cattle has surged over centuries— in part because the breed is dual purpose: Once its milking years are over, it can be slaughtered for quality meat.

Casey Walker | farm-animal
Affinage Comes Of Age In America 

Affinage Comes Of Age In America 

The steady growth of domestic artisan cheese has driven American awareness and practice of affinage. Expertise has been either imported or homegrown with input from the European tradition.

Monisha Awasthi | cheese-talk

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