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Anne Jastrzebski

Articles written by Anne Jastrzebski

Anne is an Editorial Web Intern at culture. A Pennsylvania native who loved farm animals way before she loved cheese, she can often be found peeking up from her International Relations textbook to scroll through pictures of goats.

Vermont Farmstead Market

Shop Talk: Vermont Farmstead Market in Windsor, Vt.

Culture talks summer cheeses and cheese plating tips with Rachel Luptak, store manager of Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company’s retail shop

Rachel Klebaur of Orrman's Cheese Shop

Shop Talk: Orrman’s Cheese Shop in Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C.

Rachel Klebaur of North Carolina’s Orrman’s Cheese Shop talks local curds and cheesy recipes

Stephanie Richardson of Gourmage

Shop Talk: Gourmage in New Braunfels, Texas

Since debuting in 2008, Gourmage has been a South Texas destination for artisan cheese. Now under the watchful eye of Stephanie Richardson, who purchased it in 2010, the store entices customers with unique products like “cheese cakes” (wheels stacked in tiers) and blue cheese-dark chocolate truffles. A small café features dishes crafted from Richardson’s robust […]

Oaxaca cheese

Faraway Cheeses: An Introduction

Culture intern Anne Jastrzebski explores cheeses in unexpected regions of the world

cheesehead at packers game

The Origins of the Cheesehead

A fixture at Packers games, the Cheesehead’s humble beginnings include a meat slicer and leftover furniture foam

cheeses at Wheatsfield Cooperative

Shop Talk: Wheatsfield Cooperative in Ames, Iowa

This 5,600 member-strong co-op offers everything from local Iowan wheels to vegan cheese products

Wisconsin cheese

Making Cheese the Official Dairy Product of Wisconsin

In a state that lives and breathes dairy, cheese may finally take its place as an official state symbol of Wisconsin

provolone cheese

Cheese Doesn’t Raise Cholesterol, According to New Study

Go ahead and grab that last slice of cheddar; it might improve your health, according to a recent study from Ireland