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Brook O'Meara-Sayen

Articles written by Brook O'Meara-Sayen

Brook O’Meara-Sayen is a journalism student at Emerson College forever on the hunt for that last ten minutes of sleep. In his spare time he enjoys reading, Merle Haggard, and spending Friday evenings trying to break his personal record for most cheddar eaten in one sitting.

Culture’s Believe It or Not: The End

Our exploration into really weird cheeses draws to a close.

Culture’s Believe It or Not: Stinky Cheese

We all know that cheese can be pungent, but there are some cheese out there you’re better off wearing your socks as a mask.

Wear Your Cheese On Your Sleeve

Cleveland restaurant give 25% off for life if you get a grilled cheese tattoo.

a reindeer in the snowy woods; these animals are surprisingly good milk producers

Culture’s Believe It or Not: Moose, Reindeer, and Deer Cheese

If you milk it, cheese will come.

Ted Cruz: The Cheesiest Candidate

Reigniting the promise of cheese, one campaign stop at a time…

Culture’s Believe It or Not: Camel, Horse, and Donkey Cheese

Camels and horses and donkeys, oh my!