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Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Tara Q. Thomas is the Executive Editor of Wine & Spirits Magazine and the author of the second edition of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wine Basics.

white wines

Shades Of White

Look beyond riesling when it comes to white wines from New York’s Finger Lakes.


Cheese + Wine: Jura Reds

Taste the refreshing reds of the Jura and pair them with fresh summer curds

sparkling red wine

The Great 28 Pairings: Cheese + Sparkling Red Wines

Who says blondes have more fun? Bubbly reds complement curds beautifully


The Great 28 Pairings: Cheese + Shochu

Reach to the East for a fab curd-friendly tipple

Orange wine

Cheese + Wine: Orange Wines

Full-bodied orange wine is gaining ground in Europe and beyond

Cheese + Wine: Lambrusco

Lambrusco’s popularity is rising—and for good reason.