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7 Innovating Cheese and Apple Pairings

Ingredients for apple pie with cheddar topping

It’s pretty easy to go overboard while apple picking.  It always starts out as a fun Autumn excursion and then before you know it, you’re overflowing with bushels upon bushels of apples. What should you do with all those apples? Cook them with cheese of course!

1. Cider Fondue



Everyone knows apples are great for dipping in fondue, but it’s time to really start combining the two. This recipe for fondue combines Gruyère, hard cider, cider vinegar, and apple brandy. Dip some apples in this fondue and embrace the applemania. 

2. Pairing Apple Butter with Cheese

a variety of goat's milk cheeses with apple butter and preserves

You can make apple butter from home using a slow cooker or pick it up at your local farmer’s market. From there, you can pair it in so many different cheesy combinations!

3. Apple Cheddar Coleslaw


If you’re looking for something to really surprise your friends at your next potluck, try this recipe for a sweet and savory coleslaw with cheddar and apple

4. Grilled Cheese with Roasted Apple


Photo Credit: Kailey's Kitchen

Photo Credit: Kailley’s Kitchen

This rustic  grilled cheese is made with roasted apples and brie. It’s sweet, tart, and irresistible. 

5. Gruyere and Caramelized Apples

Broiled gruyere and apple open-face grilled cheese sandwiches


The caramelized apples and broiled Gruyere combination in this recipe is heavenly.

6. Apple, Cheddar, Bacon, and Onion Grilled Cheese


Grilled apples, cheddar, bacon, and onions… in a sandwich. Need we say more? Try it here.

7. Apple Stuffing



The nutty aromas of Comté combined with sweet apples, cranberries, and herbs will make this stuffing an irresistible dish at your next holiday meal.

So now tell us, how do you like them apples?

Photo Credit: Featured image courtesy of Knead for Food

Jamie Ditaranto

Jamie Ditaranto is a senior at Emerson College and an online editorial intern for culture, who enjoys writing, photography, and travel. She finds a way to sneak cheese into just about every meal and is a sucker for free samples.