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The Cheesiest Food at the Minnesota State Fair

Candied Bacon Donut Sliders, SPAM Sushi, and Deep Fried Nachos are just a few of the Minnesota State Fair’s newest attractions that have internet foodies everywhere drooling. This Labor Day Weekend, attendees at the “Great Minnesota Get-Together” can expect to encounter nearly 500 food options from a grand total of 300 concession locations.

Minnesotans and envious food-lovers from all over the world have taken to social media to vent their hunger. Buzzfeed warned their readers to “start stretching your stomach now.” Facebook user Tana Johnson commented on the State Fair’s announcement post, saying “I just gained 15 lbs looking at the new food.” Twitter user Anthony T. Winters shared a similar sentiment, tweeting “Read the complete new list of foods at the Minnesota State Fair and somehow my waist line bumped up to a 40.”

Of course, we couldn’t help but notice how many delicious dairy-filled dishes and comfort foods made it onto the new list. Check out some of the cheesiest below, and try ’em if you’re lucky enough to visit yourself!

Macaroni & Cheese Curds

mac n cheese curds lg

Curds’ squeaky goodness makes this classic comfort food sound even more amazing. You can pick up this dish from Oodles of Noodles.

Cheesy French Onion Monkey Bread

french onion monkey bread lg

This one doesn’t even need an introduction. We all know the crunchy slice of bread coated in gooey, melted cheese makes a good bowl of French onion soup great. Now, it’s the main attraction! Grab a piece of this deliciousness from Blue Moon Dine-In Theater.

Deep Fried Nachos Supreme

deep fried nachos lg

Forget plain tortilla chips—the base for these “supreme” nachos are cubes of pepper jack cheese smothered in crushed tortilla chips and seasoning and deep-fried, topped with all the nacho essentials: beef, guacamole, more cheese, and sour cream. If that isn’t extreme enough for you, Texas Steak Out will even give you jalapeños on the side.

Rustic Beef Patty

rustic beef patty lg

This Moroccan dish by French Meadow Bakery & Cafe layers beef, spinach, and goat cheese into a buttery pastry crust for a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and savory. Yum!

Paneer On A Spear

paneer on a spear lg

Cheese lovers will be lining up for these skewers of beer batter–dipped, deep-fried, Indian-seasoned paneer cheese. Hot Indian will be serving up these cheesy delights at the State Fair this year.

Deep Fried Grilled Cheese Bites

deep fried grilled cheese lg

Cheddar cheese meets beer batter and a deep-fryer for bite-size bits that taste just like grilled cheese sandwiches. O’Gara’s at the Fair makes these delicious bites, and serves them alongside their bloody mary mix marinara.

SPAM Curds

spam curds lg

These cheese-flavored SPAM cubes are battered and fried to make a greasy state fair food-lover’s dream. The makers of these curds recommend dipping them in ranch dressing.

Road trip, anyone?

Tori Bilcik

Tori is a senior journalism major at Emerson College and a firm believer that a handful (or three) of cheese can instantly improve any dish. When she’s not scouring the artisan cheese aisle at Roche Brothers for wheels and wedges she can’t afford, she’s probably drinking tea, eating cheap pizza, or listening to sad emo punk music.

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