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Goats Saved from California Wildfire

If you don’t want to cry today, turn back now: SFGATE reported that during last week’s wildfire in Lake County in Northern California, Mary and Bobby Henderson attempted to rescue their goats from the flames but could not reach the entire herd. Watching the fire rise from behind their home, Mary told the newspaper, “We got the pens open so the goats could at least run, and then we had to get in the car and drive away.” The goats are well-loved by the family—the entire tribe is named, but they were only able to escape with their three children, and only six of their goats, in tow.

The animals caught the attention of nearby firefighters, and one courageously stepped in to rescue them. Others soon followed. A freelancer photographer, Noah Berger, was handed off a four-month-old goat from the first firefighter who needed to pass on the goat in order to retrieve more. The little guy was burning hot from being so close to the blaze.

Photo Credit: Noah Berger

Photo Credit: Noah Berger

All in all, ten goats were rescued from the Hendersons’ farm. The family has reunited with five of their beloved pets but are still currently searching for the others.

To see more of Noah’s incredible rescue photos, check out his work special to the San Francisco Chronicle.

(I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye.)

Feature Photo Credit: Noah Berger

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