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Home Affinage with The Cheese Grotto

If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new Kickstarter going around that’s generating a lot of buzz in online cheese community. The Cheese Grotto is a revolutionary new product that’s ready to bring the art of affinage and cheese preservation right to your home refrigerator!

Invented by Jessica Sennet of Cheese in the City, The Cheese Grotto™ is equipped with mold-resistant shelves and designed to provide even and consistent humidity and airflow that will lengthen the life of your cheese. It is also the perfect cheese aging unit for amateur cheesemakers.

Photo via Kickstarter

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of Kickstarter

If their Kickstarter is successful, the Cheese Grotto team expects the product to in full production by Spring 2015. 

As of writing this article, the Kickstarter has reached $5,400 towards their goal and will be taking donations until December 4, 2014. As per the rules of Kickstarter, they will only receive the money if they reach their goal and if they do they, they are offering some pretty great rewards T-shirts, pairing guides, tickets to the launch party, and the product itself! 

Though it’s only been online for a week, The Cheese Grotto™ has already received a lot of praise from many different cheese sources, including our friends at Murray’s Cheese

“The “Cheese Grotto” is one of the coolest things that we have seen on Kickstarter in a long time. We often encounter the difficulties proper cheese storage at home, and the Grotto hopes to help us cheese lovers keep our curd in the best possible condition.”

It looks like The Cheese Grotto is making top-notch cheese storage accessible and practical for the average cheese-loving household and it’s definitely something to excited about.

You can watch their informational video and find out more about their Kickstarter plan here.

Feature Photo via The Cheese Grotto

Jamie Ditaranto

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