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Man Leverages Complaint Into Free Pizza

In a rare victory for customer-service complainers, a UK man turned a broken deal from his cell-carrier, O2, into free pizza for the rest of the year. Here’s a breakdown of what happened: O2 was running a promotion in which followers could receive free pizza by tweeting their location with the hashtag #waggytails. Unfortunately, Dan May did not receive his pizza.

Having involved rival company Three, Dan May set up something of a Twitter bidding-war for his service. Seizing the opportunity, Three responded with their own pizza and ice cream.

Already Dan must have been feeling pretty good. He was sitting pretty with four pizzas and four pints of Häagen-Dazs. But O2 wanted the final word:

So that’s how Dan May earned a free Dominoes pizza a week for the rest of the year. These Lebron-style negotiation tactics earned him Twitter fame and enough pizzas to feed, like, a dozen people. Which, honestly, is more than Lebron ever did. Personally, I’m just baffled by this promotion. #waggytails? What does that even mean? And is it just me, or do British cell providers have really strange names? I guess nothing is too strange if you’re trying to make the shift from cell phones to pizza and ice cream delivery.

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Feature Photo Credit: Restaurant Food Delivery Concept Flat Vector Illustration. Hand Of Water With Dish And Towel Appeared From Smartphone or Tablet. by TarikVision | Shutterstock

Robbie Herbst

Robbie Herbst is a summer editorial intern and an undergrad at Dartmouth College, where he enjoys access to the unimaginably quaint cheese-makers of the upper valley. When he isn’t writing or playing violin, he likes to take bricks of Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar on long hikes through the White Mountains.