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three cheeses from cheese of the month club

There seem to be a thousand Cheese of the Month clubs. Recently, Whole Foods Market in Manhattan’s Upper East Side debuted the company’s first-ever Cheese of the Month club. For $49.99, members receive 3.5 pounds of a local or otherwise domestic cheese, an accompanying jar of jam, and crackers. Every item is different each month. Pretty cool, huh?

Interested in joining a monthly cheese club but live somewhere other than New York City? You’re in luck. We’ve scoured the internet to see what’s out there for monthly cheese delivery. Many offer tasting notes, cheesemaker profiles, stories behind the cheeses, pairing suggestions, and recipes. You can thank us later. Enjoy!

Zingerman’s Artisan Cheese Club

Members receive 1.5 pounds of cheese per shipment and can choose between the 3-month subscription ($200) or 6-month subscription ($390). The 3-month subscription includes cheeses from Italy, France, and Spain, while the 6-month adds cheeses from Switzerland, the United States, and Britain. Sign up online.

Murray’s Cheese Club

The monthly cheese club from New York’s darling cheese shop includes 4-, 6-, and 12-month options ranging from $275 to $775. Members receive three different cheeses per month, totalling about 1.5 pounds in all. And if you live your life guided by the happenings of talk show hosts, you’ll be happy to know that this club is on the list of “Oprah’s Must-Haves.” Sign up online.

Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

This club boasts an “international variety in every shipment.” Members of this club receive 3 one-half-pound cuts of “artisan cheeses from around the world.” Membership is on a month-to-month basis so members can cancel anytime. Monthly cost is $34 plus shipping and handling. Sign up online.

Artisanal Premium Cheese Club

This cheese club offers members two options. The regular club sends four cheese per month while the “junior club” sends two cheeses per month. Subscriptions come in three-, six-, and twelve-month options. Regular club prices are from $177 to $708, and junior club prices range from $117 to $468. Sign up online.

Formaggio Kitchen Cheese of the Month Club

The cheese shop in Cambridge, Mass., offers members of their cheese club three cheeses each month with an eye toward seasonal cheeses and from a variety of milk types, textures, flavor profiles, and regions. Total monthly shipment of cheese weighs in at 1.5 pounds of cheese. Three-, six-, and twelve-month subscriptions are priced from $200 to $ 740. Sign up online.

Dean & DeLuca Cheese of the Month Club

Information on this club is scarce due to a dearth of information on the company’s website, but according to reviews, this gourmet grocery’s cheese club sends three to four cheeses each shipment. Three-, six-, and twelve-month subscriptions cost between $165 and $495. Sign up online.

Pastoral Cheese Club

A “neighborhood cheese, specialty, and wine shop” in Chicago runs this club and offers members “the best that the vast world of cheese has to offer.” Cheese club members receive two new cheeses once a month totalling about a pound of cheese. The cheeses are unique and oftentimes so new to the market that one would be hard-pressed to find them in stores. Four-, eight-, and twelve-month options are available priced between $180 and $500. Sign up online.

Cowgirl Creamery Artisan Organic Cheese Club

The cheesemaking darlings of California’s Bay Area offer three cheeses each month in their monthly cheese club. Members can sign up for the “Cowgirl Three,” “Cowgirl Six,” or “Cowgirl Twelve” option, each designating the number of months of club membership. No matter the subscription choice, the first month’s shipment includes the “Cowgirl Creamery Toolkit”—a “picnic knife for cutting cheese, a bamboo cheese board, a bandana for wrapping any cheese leftovers, and a handy carrying tote for it all.” Prices start at $225 for the three-month package and increase to $695 for the twelve-month package. Sign up online.

Rogue Creamery Cheese Social Club

This cheese club sends members a “trio of delectable artisan cheeses” in three-, six-, and nine-month subscriptions. Cheese shipments weigh about 1.5 pounds and cost from $199 to $499. Members of this club also receive 10% off online purchases and free tickets to the Oregon Cheese Festival and the Wedge Cheese Festival, both in Oregon. Sign up online.

The Cheesemonger’s Shop Cheese Club

This club ships two cheeses to members each month totalling about one to 1.5 pounds of cheese. Subscriptions come in three-, six-, and twelve-month options and cost $30 per month for Washington state residents and $35 for out-of-state residents. Sign up via telephone.

Wisconsin-Made Award Winning Cheese of the Month Club

This club exclusively offers Wisconsin-made cheeses, hence the name. Three-month, six-month, and nine-month subscription options offer members one pound of one type of cheese from the great dairy state. The three-month option is $98, while the nine-month is $286. Sign up online.

La Fromagerie Cheese Club

This club offers a mix of three European cheeses for $39 each month (but not a lot of details otherwise). For only $10 more, members can enroll in the Wine and Cheese Club that includes a bottle of wine in addition to the cheeses. Sign up appears to be through mail.

Beekman 1802 Cheese of the Month Club

Beekman 1802 is a farm in upstate New York run by Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, better known as The Fabulous Beekman Boys. For $50 a month, this cheese club sends members 1.5 pounds of either a “classic” Beekman cheese, a new Beekman cheese, or a cheese that Josh and Brent deem one of their favorites. Members can choose between an ongoing monthly subscription, or a three-month or six-month non-recurring subscription. Sign up via the Beekman Mercantile online store.

Photo Credit: Formaggio Kitchen

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