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Parachuting Grilled Cheeses Hit New York

Earlier in the year, we covered Jafflechutes of Melbourne, a new grilled cheese delivery company that offers their customers grilled cheeses, or “jaffles” as they are called in Australia, delivered by parachute. Customers simply order the sandwiches online, show up to an X marked on the sidewalk, and catch!

This past week, the four Australian masterminds behind Jafflechutes came to Manhattan to give New Yorkers a taste and a demonstration of the world’s first “float-down eatery.” After setting up shop in a Greenwich Village apartment and spreading word through social media, the cheese was ready to fly.


Photo Credit: Jafflechutes  

But what might have been more shocking then the sight of grilled cheeses falling from the sky, was the quality of the sandwiches. Jafflechutes offers many varieties of parachuting grilled cheese, such as Vegemite and Cheddar, Feta and Bruschetta, and Ham and Pineapple. On top of that, they even lovingly wrap it up in a brown paper bag with your name on it. 

Photo Credit: Fox News

Photo Credit: Fox News

Occasionally, a stray chute caught a sudden breeze and got stuck on some scaffolding, but the cooks upstairs just sent down another. The day was a huge success, and they’ve left everyone wanting more fresh, tasty, and adrenaline-packed grilled cheeses. Unfortunately, the team behind Jafflechutes are returning home and do not currently have any plans of returning to the US.

But keep an eye out and watch the skies! If the trend of “float-down eateries” takes off, you never know when your next lunch might fall into your hands.   

Jamie Ditaranto

Jamie Ditaranto is a senior at Emerson College and an online editorial intern for culture, who enjoys writing, photography, and travel. She finds a way to sneak cheese into just about every meal and is a sucker for free samples.