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Piña Colada… Cheese?

The world of curds is full of abnormal flavors. On trend with the alternative-milk fad, Cheeseland Inc’s Koko® Coconut Cheese is made with organic coconut cream. For a touch of holiday spirit, Satori makes a Peppermint BellaVitano with a bright pink rind. While these are not completely foreign for our taste buds, Aldi—an international grocery chain—is selling two new kinds that are ill-advised.

Grubstreet reports that Happy Farms, a brand sold at the discount store, is making Piña Colada and Tequila Lime cheese. I definitely prefer my cheddar pineapple-free. Lucky for us, they are only going to be available ¨while supplies last.¨

Although this combo sounds bizarre, some people are loving the cocktail-cheese. So, maybe we shouldn’t knock it til we try it.

Becca McGilloway

Becca McGilloway is currently a senior at Emerson College studying Writing, Literature, and Publishing. When she isn't on the hunt for the latest cheese-permeated vegetarian recipe on Pinterest, she's probably binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.