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Wanted: Trailer Filled with Mozzarella

For anyone still reeling from the theft of the world’s most expensive cheese slicer from the Amsterdam Cheese Museum, you might want to take a seat.

A refrigerated trailer filled with $85,000 worth of shredded mozzarella was stolen from a truck stop in Florida on Sunday, March 9. The driver and his girlfriend stopped and left the trailer in the parking lot while they had their truck checked out by a mechanic. A hauler from the same parking lot was also reported missing, presumably taken to haul away the trailer full of cheese.

The mozzarella was headed to a Hungry Howie’s Pizza distribution center, but now who knows how many thousands of pizzas will remain cheeseless in the face of such a crime?

Mozzarella is apparently ripe for theft. In February, a man in Quebec stole 12,000 kg (about 26,500 lbs) of cheddar and mozzarella from the cheese store where he worked. The cheese was valued at $185,000.

In 2011, a report by the UK’s Center for Retail Research determined that cheese was the most stolen food in the world. As Joshua Bamfield, Director of the Center for Retail Research, told the Huffington Post, “It’s not just grannies saying, I need some cheese I’ll just go and steal it. A lot of the theft is for resale and a lot of this cheese will be resold into other markets or to restaurants.”

Makes sense. Even the most ardent cheese lover probably couldn’t eat enough pizzas to use up all $85,000 dollars of the stolen mozzarella before it went bad. Although we’d like to see them try.

The missing trailer has a Michigan license plate and mudflaps that read “Hudsonville Trailer Sales” if any Florida readers want to keep their eyes peeled for a potentially tasty reward.

In the meantime, we suggest enjoying some mozzarella yourself. After all, scientists have decided it is the best cheese to put on a pizza.

Feature Photo Credit: “Grated pizza cheese (mozarella ) close up” by f9photos | Shutterstock

Gabrielle Roman

Gabrielle Roman is earning her Master's in Publishing and Writing at Emerson College in Boston. She is originally from Kansas City and misses the BBQ but the Thai food is good consolation. Her favorite hobby is cuddling with her puppy.