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White Pizza, Hold the Pizza

If you have ever found yourself craving the cheesiness of pizza, but aren’t so keen on the tomato sauce, then chances are you’ll appreciate the multitude of white pizza recipes cropping up in the blogosphere these days. Below, find some recent ones we’ve been drooling over.

This White Pizza Pull Apart Bread from How Sweet Eats is “an embarrassingly easy summer snack” that involves a crusty loaf of bread, salty parmesan butter, sun-dried tomatoes, and piles of mozzarella, fontina, and provolone. Easy? Summer? Cheesy Pizza flavor? We’re down.

If you’re craving something with more cheese and less bread, this White Pizza Grilled Cheese from Kitchen Treaty should do the trick. Just check out all that gooey, melty cheese! Can’t beat all those Italian jewels seasoned with a bit of garlic, oregano, and basil. Mmm,mm.

Still too much bread? Go all-out cheese with this White Pizza Dip, also from How Sweet Eats. Hot and bubbly cheese with all the flavors of pizza that you can eat with a spoon? Sign us up! 

White pizza may be hot right now, but like most trends, foregoing the tomatoes on pizza isn’t a fad that only cropped up recently. Frank Pepe Pizzeria in New Haven, CT proclaims their White Clam Pizza to be the “#1 Pizza in America.” This surprising combination dates back to 1952, and as their best-selling pie, it just goes to show that the people want white pizza. 

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some white pizza recipes to whip up for lunch. Care to join?

Photo credit: How Sweet Eats

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