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Articles written by Molly Farrar

Molly is a web editorial intern who hails from Virginia, also known as the place with some of best ham in the world, in her humble opinion. She has yet to meet a cheese she does not like. Other interests include drinking craft beer and running, sometimes at the same time.

World Cheese Culture: Mexico

Mexican cheese goes well beyond taco toppings, with a history of fresh, farmstead production

Making Processed Cheese at Home

These recipes recreate the nostalgic flavors of processed cheese in your kitchen, without any of the questionable additives

World Cheese Culture: Japan

This week we visit Japan, where artisanal cheesemakers focusing on original Japanese cheese recipes are starting to make a name for themselves

Gin fizz with a sprig of thyme in the glass and half wheel of Kunik on a slate

Pairing Cheese and Cocktails

Try these cheese and cocktail combinations for some unique and surprising flavors

DIY Smoked Cheese = Instant BBQ Flavor

If you have a grill or backyard smoker, you can make your own smoked cheese

World Cheese Culture: China

Chinese cheese culture isn’t a phrase you often come across; this week we explore why that is as well as what cheeses you can traditionally find in China

Cheese Guilds Connect Cheesemakers

Cheese guilds around the country are connecting cheesemakers and promoting artisan cheese culture in the United States

World Cheese Culture: India

Although this country is the largest producer of milk and milk products, most of that hasn’t been cheese until recently