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Casa Madaio
4 inches diameter, 4 ins high
18 oz
Soft-Ripened (Brie-like)

Owned by the Madaio family, Casa Madaio is an acclaimed cheese affineur (maturer) and producer located in Salerno, Italy. The family home, a castle with three towers, is reflected in Casa Madaio’s distinct logo. Mr. Madaio feels that the towers not only represent the home, but also the connection of the past with the future. To him, the towers symbolize his three children Angelo, Renata and David and the future of Casa Madaio. At Casa Madaio, both cheese production and the cheese aging facility are small scale. The business is centered at two different locations. The cheese making facilities are in Eboli, along with the central office, while the aging caves are located at Castelcivita, in the heart of the The National Park of Cilento and Vallo of Diano. The area is steeped in history. The caves have been used to age cheeses by the Madaio family for four generations, and the company places great value on the preservation of the history and flavors of the land, working closely with local universities and with the Slow Food movement to further research. Their cheeses are primarily sold to small specialty shops and restaurants, both in Italy and abroad. Casa Madaio makes both fresh goat and buffalo milk cheeses at their location in Eboli. In addition, they also purchase cheeses made at small mountain dairies nearby that they age themselves at Castelcivita. Barilotto, which means “barrel” in Italian, is made by heating leftover whey from the production of buffalo mozzarella. When the whey is re-cooked at a higher temperature, any remaining curds or solids rise to the surface. There, they are skimmed off and placed into small barrel-shaped molds where they are left to drain for 8 days. After unmolding, the cheeses are then sprinkled with salt and left to age in a cellar for 40 days where they are washed and rotated frequently by hand to allow even drying. After being branded with the company’s castle logo, the cheese is vacuum-packed to maintain moisture levels within the cheese.

Tasting Notes

Barilotto has a firm texture with an ivory colored, fine, smooth interior paste that breaks in a similar way to chocolate when cut. Flavors are mild and delicate with intense fresh cream aromas and flavor.


Its subtle sweetness suggests a light honey or jelly as an accompaniment.

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