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Glacier Gorgonzola

Carr Valley Cheese Co
United States
6 ins diameter, 3 ins high
6 lbs
Semi Soft
Glacier Gorgonzola Cheese

Located in the rolling hills of central Wisconsin, Carr Valley Cheese remains one of Wisconsin's most traditional cheese plants, famous for its Wisconsin cheddar varieties, as well as a host of more modern cheeses. Now owned and operated by Sid Cook, Carr Valley was founded in 1902, but the Cook family has been making cheese since 1883.  

Sid is a fourth generation cheesemaker. The first cheese plant that his father operated was in Irish Valley, where Sid worked with his father for several years before taking over the business in the mid 70's.  During this time Sid also learned how to make his own cultures from his father and grandfather.   He and his brother made Wisconsin-style cheddar at that location for ten years, and Sid eventually purchased Carr Valley in 1986 and another cheesemaking facility in 1991, with a layout that would allow for more flexibility and the development of more styles of cheese.  

Carr Valley now sources cow's milk from 40 farms, all located within 20 miles of the plant, and each milking no more than 70 cows. Sheep's milk comes largely from one dairy and goat's milk from a group of eight farms in the Green Bay area. Carr Valley makes over 65 different cheeses.

In 2012, Carr Valley’s owner, Sid Cook acquired a cheesemaking facility in Linden, Wisconsin, that had formerly been known for its blue cheese production.

Naming the new factory, Glacier Point, Carr Valley transferred production of all their blue cheeses to this facility.  This move has also allowed him to experiment with some new recipes, one of which is Glacier Gorgonzola.

Inspired by its Italian cousin, Glacier Gorgonzola is made along the lines of a traditional Gorgonzola and aged for between 5-7 months prior to release.The paste of the cheese is gently punctuated with veins of blue mold that define the flavor but do not overwhelm it.

Tasting Notes

Salt and a hint of truffle also balance out the cream-like notes, while the texture is soft and slightly crumbly.


Sauternes or Port pair well with this cheese.