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Nettle Meadow
United States
New York
4 ins diameter, 2 ins high
15 oz
Semi Soft
Mold Ripened

Located in Thurman, New York, near the near the Adirondack Mountains, Nettle Meadow Farm is owned by Sheila Flanagan and Lorraine Lambiase. The origins of the farm started in 1993 when Raynald Hebert and his wife Laurie Goodheart transformed an old farmstead, developing a small cheesemaking facility and enough acreage to support approximately thirty goats. The name “Nettle Meadow” was a reflection of the presence of wild nettles and herbs that made up the goat’s diet. Twelve years later in 2005, the farm was sold to Sheila and Lorraine, both of whom had been living in California and were wanting a complete change of direction. Since 2005 they have worked extensively to expand the farm and its operation. Now spanning 50 acres, it is home to over 300 Alpine, Nubian, Saanen and mixed breed goats, several dozen Icelandic and East Freisian sheep and a variety of other farm animals. In 2012, estimated cheese production will be about 125,000 pounds of cheese. Sheila and Lorraine are passionate supporters of the farming lifestyle, animals and cheese and run the farm with the assistance of Shiela’s mother Joan together with eight employees. One of Nettle Meadow’s best known cheeses, Kunik is a triple cream cheese made from a blend of pasteurized Jersey cow's cream and goat's milk. Available in two sizes, larger wheels weigh between 12-15oz while the small rounds (also known as Kunik Buttons) range from 6-12oz. Cheeses are aged for between three to four weeks before release.

Tasting Notes

The blend of milks results in a particularly rich array of rich, lactic flavors. Earthy, mushroom notes are balanced by a buttery roundness that leaves a delicious coating in the mouth. The texture is close, dense and yet meltingly smooth.


Kunik pairs beautifully with Champagne or a dry Sauvignon Blanc.