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Landaff Creamery
United States
New Hampshire
10 ins diameter, 3-4 ins high
9-10 lbs

Landaff Creamery, located in Landaff, NH, was established in 2008 by Doug and Debby Erb, allowing them to preserve their family farm that had been begun by Doug’s parents in the 1950’s. The Erbs moved back to the family farm, called Springvale Farms, in 1980 and, over the course of the next decade, the Erbs purchased the cows, equipment and land from Doug’s parents. By the time they changed the name to Landaff Creamery in 2008, the Erbs had also renovated an old veterinary clinic owned by Doug’s father and converted it into a modern creamery. The creamery and the cheese get their name from the town of Landaff, which in turn was named after a Welsh bishop who was chaplain of King George III of England. In honor of this link to history, the Erbs created a Welsh style farmstead cheese inspired by a traditional Caerphilly cheese recipe, learned from Chris Duckett. Chris Duckett, a 3rd generation cheesemaker in Somerset, England had kept alive the tradition of Welsh farmstead cheeses, producign a matured Caerphilly cheese for many decades. The result was, aptly named Landaff. Once the wheels are produced at the Creamery, they are transferred for aging in caves at the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Greensborough, Vermont. Jasper Hill ages the cheese at the proper temperature and humidity levels for four months. Once the cheese is aged, Jasper Hill packages and sells the cheese.

Tasting Notes

Each wheel is handmade and is reflective of the season in which it is produced. Inside Landaff’s rustic rind is a semi-firm paste with a rich mouthfeel. Balanced flavors of tangy buttermilk and savory-sweet brown butter contrast with aromas of grass and cave. Used as both a table cheese and a good cooking cheese, Landaff is great to use in Fondue as a refreshing change from Raclette.


Pairing suggestions for Landaff include: dry to off dry apple cider; a variety of beers including Pilsners, IPAs, Saisons and medium Ales; and white wines with good minerality such as those from the Loire Valley.