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Lindy Hop (Ceased Production)

Dancing Cow Farm
United States
4.5 ins diameter, 5 ins high
1.5 lbs or 4 lbs
Semi Soft

Lindy Hop is made by Steve and Karen Getz at Dancing Cow Farm, near Bridport, Vermont, from the milk of their own herd of cows. The farm is a pasture-based dairy. No pesticides, herbicides or petroleum-based products are used on the fields. The cows graze on clovers, dandelion, trefoil, and a variety of grasses. The animals live outside during the grazing season, occasionally taking a break in the shade of the barn on hot, humid summer days. The Getzs make their own hay, and after composting the cow manure, spread it on the fields. Milking and cheesemaking are seasonal and take place from March to November when the cows are either grazing on pasture or being fed dry hay. Milk for cheesemaking is uncooled and transferred directly into the cheese room from the milking parlor - the perfect temperature to begin the cheese production process. Dancing Cow Farm produces four cheeses; Bourrée, Menuet, Sarabande and Lindy Hop. The inspiration for production of Lindy Hop emerged from a dialog with Matt Jennings, owner of Farmstead, a cheese store in Rhode Island. Matt encouraged the Getzs to make a blue cheese to best showcase their farmstead milk. Since all the Dancing Cow cheeses are named after dances, Lindy Hop is christened after a 1920's dance that originated in Harlem, NY and was very popular in Blues and Jazz clubs. The recipe is loosely based on the recipe for Fourme d'Ambert, blue cheese made in the Auvergne region of France. The curd for Lindy Hop is made from the warm, fresh milk of a single milking of the Getz's cows. Wheels are hand-salted and pierced in order to allow the development of the blue veining and a soft cream Flavors of Lindy Hop are mild, rich and unctious, with notes of grass and a full, creamy mouthfeel. Cheeses have a natural, brown-gray colored rind, encasing a straw yellow interior, dotted with pockets and veins of blue. Cheeses are available year round and produced in both 1.5 and 4 lb wheels.