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Melkbus Baby Swiss58

Uniekaas with De Producent
18 ins diameter, 5 ins high
35 lbs
Semi Soft

The Melkbus line of cheeses represent a collaboration between the Dutch cheesemaking company Uniekaas and a number of small family dairy farms located outside the city of Gouda in the Netherlands.

Translated to English, the name 'Melkbus' means 'Milk Can,’ and these were used in earlier times to transport fresh milk directly from the farms to the creamery for cheese making.   Each farm was given an identifying number which was stamped on top of the can.  This allowed the creamery to identify where the milk came from as well as ensuring that the empty cans were returned to the correct farm for cleaning and re-use.

By way of an “homage” to this system, cheeses with the Melkbus name are made on single family farms and distinguished by the addition of a number exclusively used by that farm.  Recipes and methods used, adhere closely to the traditions of  Dutch farmhouse cheese production and the cheeses spend the first few weeks of the aging process maturing on the farms where they are made.

Thereafter, they are transferred to “De Producent” - a 98 year old aging facility located in the center of the city of Gouda.  It’s here the cheese is aged in a natural environment on wooden boards until ready for sale.  

Melkbus Baby Swiss 58 is made by hand to a traditional recipe, resulting in the production of a hefty 35lb wheel of cheese that displays all of the distinct characteristics of a fine young Emmentaler.  Cheeses are aged for approximately 10 weeks prior to release.  

Tasting Notes

The interior paste is a pale straw color, dotted with large rounded holes. Given its young age, flavors are mild, yet surprisingly complex. Notes of butter, roasted walnuts and a hint of tropical fruit are balanced with a classic lingering sweetness, making this appealing either for eating as a table cheese or in the kitchen.