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Mount Mazama

Rogue Creamery
United States
11" width x 3.25" high x 9" deep
10 lbs; sold in 8 oz blocks
Mount Mazama  Cheese

David Gremmels and Cary Bryant bought Rogue Creamery on a handshake from Ig Vella (Vella Cheese Company) in 2002. Rogue was originally founded in 1935 by Ig's father, Tom, who ran it as a successful creamery for many years. Upon Tom's death in 1998 (aged 100), Ig took over and then finally sold it to David and Cary in 2002, with the stipulation that they would continue to make the creamery’s signature cheeses according to tradition.

Today, Rogue Creamery is a thriving business that produces a variety of award winning cheeses in addition to the originals that the Vella family created.

Mount Mazama is a cheddar made from a combination of cow's and goat's milk. It is wrapped and aged for at least one year in a unique and carefully-controlled environment. Milk for production is sourced from two local dairies, each 25 miles away, in Grants Pass: Rogue View Dairy (cow's milk) and Rogue River Goat Dairy (goat's milk). Both dairies are certified in sustainable practices. 

Tasting Notes

It has a thick, slightly crumbly texture, with small crystals throughout. There's a sweet cream flavor and a slight tanginess due to the cow's milk, and slight acidity along with caramel and nutty notes from the goat's milk.


Mount Mazama would stand out on a cheese board with a range of accompaniments, from chutneys to roasted nuts. Served with a hunk of bread and a spot of beer, this cheese could also be the centerpiece of a delicious lunch. In a sandwich, it could be accompanied by cured ham and spicy mustard. Mount Mazama also pairs well with a sparkling white such as Cremant du Jura or a Southern Oregon Merlot that can balance both texture and richness.