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Nostrano di Primiero

Affineur: Guffanti
Trentino Alto Aldige
11-16 ins diameter, 4 ins high
17.5 - 22 lbs

Founded by Luigi Guffanti in 1876, Guffanti Formaggi originally produced Gorganzola. In order to cave-age his cheese, Mr. Guffanti purchased an abandoned silver mine in the Varese province of Italy. When his sons, Carlo and Mario took over the business in the early 20th century, they began exporting their cheese to Argentina, California and other regions where large numbers of Lombards and Peidmontese had emigrated. Today, while Guffanti is still famous for its Gorgonzola, it also produces and ages a wide range of cheeses from throughout Italy for sale both domestically and abroad. Nostrano di Primiero is an alpine washed rind cheese made of raw cow’s milk. It is also known by the name “Nostrano de casèl”. The bright orange-red rind typical of washed rind cheeses, covers a yellow paste that is smooth with small eyes scattered throughout. Production of this cheese only takes place in the summer time when the Vaccine cows are grazing on pasture. There are various aging periods for Nostrano di Primiero. At 3 months it is considered the fresh version, at 6 months mature, and at 12 months it is very mature. Due to the various aging periods, cheeses are available year-around.

Tasting Notes

The texture is dense, with an elastic snap. Flavors are grassy and herbaceous with notes of toasted hazelnuts and the fruitiness typical of alpine cheeses. When well matured, Nostrano di Primiero develops a spicy flavor.


Pairing suggestions for this cheese depend on the maturity of the cheese. Generally though, it pairs nicely with red wines and beer. It tastes best when paired with grapes or green tomato preserves and rustic bread.

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