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Coach Farm
United States
New York
7 in x 3.25 in
4 lbs
Semi Soft
Mold Ripened


Located in Pine Plains in New York’s Hudson River Valley, Coach Farm produces a range of fresh and mold ripened cheeses from the milk of their closed herd of French Alpine dairy goats.

The idea for Coach Farm originated with the Cahn family, owners of the famous Coach Leather bags. In 1983 they purchased an abandoned farm two hours north of New York City and became inspired to re-establish it as a working dairy.

Rawstruck is Coach Farm’s first raw-milk cheese. According to cheesemaker Mark Newbold, the company had wanted to venture into new cheesemaking territory but didn’t have the facilities to make a hard cheese. Realizing that there were little to no domestic raw-milk soft goat cheeses on the market, Mark and his team decided to try a raw milk version of their popular pasteurized cheese. 

When Rawstruck was released as an unnamed cheese in April 2013, Coach Farm teamed up with culture:the word on cheese, asking bloggers and readers to help them think of a name.

In making Rawstruck, Mark and his team take fresh milk—never more than a day or two old—and raise its temperature only to inoculation levels before renneting. After waiting for coagulation it is then cut, salted and gently hand ladled into molds, where it drains naturally. It’s then aged for at least 60 days in coolers with specific temperature and humidity levels.  

The steps are similar to those in Coach Farm’s other cheeses, except without pasteurization. As a result, Rawstruck develops a unique flavor profile and texture. 

Tasting Notes

While it’s crumbly when cut, it’s fluffy and delicate on the palate. The rind and creamline are also delicate on the palate, yet the wheels are sturdy and hold their shape. The edible rind contributes a mushroomy, earthy background to the taste while the paste is very creamy with notes of citrus and a slight tang. The aftertaste is pleasant and lingering. According to cheesemaker Mark Newbold, the lingering and complex aftertaste is more pronounced in Rawstruck than it is in Coach's pasteurized-milk cheeses.


Pair Rawstruck with berries or light fruit, anything floral, orange blossom honey, a kolsch, a sparkling vouvray or any crisp white wine.