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Renaissance Ricotta (Narragansett)

Narragansett Creamery
United States
Rhode Island
1.5 or 3lb 'cones'

With the distinction of being Rhode Island’s only cheese producer, Narragansett Creamery was founded in 2007 by Louella Hill and Mark Federico, the owner of Providence Specialty Products. Under the guidance of Hill and Federico, Narragansett makes small batches of several different cheese varieties, including Gouda, Feta, and Farmers’ Cheeses as well as their famous Renaissance Ricotta. Milk for production is sourced from the St. Alban’s dairy co-op in Vermont, which collects milk from dairy farms based in Central Massachusetts, Eastern Connecticut, and a few smaller Rhode Island Farms. Named after Providence, RI, which is often referred to the Renaissance city, Renaissance Ricotta is made from whole cows’ milk. For production of the cheese, the whole milk is heated in a kettle and acidified with vinegar in order to produce the curd. The curds are then transferred into small tin containers that are pierced with holes to allow whey to drain from the cheese. The cheese is left to drain for one day before being sold. The resulting ricotta is lightly salted, moist, sweet and delicate on the tongue. The texture is slightly fluffy. and sweet. Pairs with honey and fresh berries.

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