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Ricotta (Caputo Brothers)

Caputo Brother’s Creamery
United States
3 ins diameter, 2 ins high
1¼ lbs

Owned and operate by Rynn and David Caputo, and named in honor of their two young sons, Giovanni and Mateo, Caputo Brothers Creamery was the culmination of over five years of planning, study and travel. Rynn started down the path of a high powered corporate career with a side passion for food, but that all changed when she met David, an Italian-American from New Jersey with a natural talent for cooking.  After an eventful trip to Italy, the couple decided to quit their jobs and travel and study food in Italy. Upon their return, David began working as a chef and the couple decided to open their own dairy with Rynn at the helm. The Caputo Brother’s Creamery opened its doors in 2011 after a final trip to Italy to ensure that their cheese-making technique was fine-tuned. Rynn and David source the milk from a local creamery and focus on fresh and stretched cheeses.  

This Ricotta is made in limited quantities using traditional techniques learned in Italy. Rynn and David use the remaining sweet whey from the production of their Mozzarella to produce their Ricotta. Acidic coagulation forms the curd in the re-cooked whey, which is then hand-skimmed using baskets. These curds are then lightly salted and allowed to drain under their own weight in the baskets.

Tasting Notes

As a result, the Ricotta has a smooth texture and a sweet, custard-like flavor.


Ricottta can be served with fresh fruit or honey drizzled on top, or it can be used in a variety of recipes. This includes stuffed peppers and lasagna for savory recipes, or in sweet recipes such as Cannoli or Cheesecake. A bright white wine such as Gavi would work brilliantly with Ricotta.