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Ricotta Salata (BelGioioso)

BelGioioso Cheese Co.
United States
7” tall, 9” diameter
11 lbs
Semi Soft

Founded by Errico Auricchio, BelGioioso Cheese is a cheesemaking operation based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Errico comes from a family of cheese makers who have been producing Provolone in Italy for over a century. In 1979, he moved his family to the United States and opened his own Italian cheese company.

Over the last thirty years, BelGioioso has grown to include seven manufacturing facilities in Northeastern Wisconsin. Using the milk of Wisconsin dairy farmers, the company produces over 25 types of cheese.  However, each facility produces only a select few of these cheeses, thereby ensuring high quality and consistency.  This has resulted in multiple awards, including several United States, World and American Cheese Society Awards.

BelGoioso’s Ricotta Salata is a pasteurized cow’s milk version of the sheep’s milk original. However, this Ricotta Salata is produced using the traditional method of adding vinegar to cow’s milk and whey to begin coagulation. Once the curds are cut, they are placed in molds to drain and the cheese is then aged for 60 days. This produces a dense, smooth textured cheese that is on the drier side. It has a lactic flavor with a touch of salt.


Ricotta Salata can be served on its own with some honey or fruit preserves; crumbled into salads; or shredded on top of pizza. With its clean flavor, it is best paired with a light, crisp white wine such as Pinot Grigio or a dry Riesling.

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