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Sprout Creek Farm
New York
5 ins diameter, 3 ins high
10-12 oz
Mold Ripened

Sprout Creek Farm is a 200 acre working farm located near Poughkeepsie, New York. Originally founded by two nuns from a religious order that focused on education and teaching, Sprout Creek Farm was established with a view to continuing this mission, which it undoubtedly does.

Sister Margo Morris, one of the two original sisters, is still deeply involved and oversees the management of this progressive educational center. In addition to the cheesemaking component, Sprout Creek operates a fully functioning farm, a farmers' market, and residential courses. The courses are designed to give disadvantaged and inner city children a holistic taste of agricultural and rural life through full involvement with the workings of the farm.

The Creamery component at Sprout Creek obtains milk from the farm's own mixed herd of grass-fed Jersey, Guernsey, Milking Shorthorn and Brown Swiss cows. Cheesemaking methods are based on the European model and great attention is devoted to seasonality and animal welfare.

Sprout Creek Creamery, under the guidance of cheesemaker Colin McGrath, produces
a variety of cheeses from both goat's and cow's milk, ranging in style from soft, bloomy rinds to aged tommes.

Sophie is a soft, mold ripened, cow's milk cheese that is matured for three weeks and made between May and September. The texture is dense, with two distinct layers. The cheese is somewhat chalky in the middle and soft and runny just under the rind.

Flavors are savory and vegetal, and can become quite assertive with age.

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