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Consider Bardwell Farm
8 ins diameter, 3 ins high
2.5 lbs
Semi Soft

From Consider Bardwell Farm, Dorset is a semi-soft, washed rind cheese made with raw Jersey cow's milk. The texture is rich and buttery. While the aroma can be quite pungent—as is often the case with washed rind cheeses—the flavors are quite mild, but with lingering savory notes.

As described by the cheesemakers at Consider Bardwell, Dorset is a buttery, soft, and expressive cow's milk cheese inspired by washed rind forefathers like Taleggio. Each wheel is hand scrubbed with a brine solution three times per week as they age so that a mildly pungent flavor develops, often with hints of green olive and vegetable broth. With pasture-raised milk and spa-caliber attention in the caves, Dorset exemplifies how delicious “funky" can be.

Straddling the rolling hills of the Vermont and New York state line, Consider Bardwell Farm is a dairy and creamery with very old roots. The farm, founded in 1863 by Consider Stebbins Bardwell, was the first cheesemaking co-op in Vermont. At that time, morning milk from surrounding farms was brought by open horse-drawn wagons and made into large wheels of cheese that were shipped by train to Boston and Albany.

Fast forward to 2001, when Angela Miller and Russell Glover purchased the farm and recreated the creamery with the expertise of a local Vermont cheesemaker. Leslie Goff, the Creamery Director, has perfected the six basic cheeses over the past decade.

A herd of Swiss, French, and Nubian dairy goats, as well as a neighbor’s Jersey cow herd, are rotationally grazed on the farm’s 150 acres of certified organic grassland.

Consider Bardwell’s creamery produces three cow and three goat cheeses, all of which are made in small batches with the use of microbial rennet, and are aged in the creamery’s ripening rooms.

Tasting Notes

Savory and vegetal notes are present, along with the buttery qualities associated with Jersey milk. The cheese has a pleasant, milky flavor and a long finish.

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