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Tomme Vaudoise

Fromagerie Moleson
Canton Vaud
3-4” diameter, ¼” tall,
4.5 oz
Mold Ripened

Fromagerie Moleson was founded in 1926 by master cheese-maker Odon Grossrieder in order to produce traditional Swiss cheeses such as Vacharin Fribourg and Gruyere. When M. Grossrieder’s sons took over the business in the mid-20th century, they expanded the operation considerably, producing a much wider range of cheese and dairy products. By the mid-1990s Fromagerie Moleson had also constructed their own aging caves and replaced the original facility with a new fromagerie that by 2006, was producing soft cheeses such as Tomme Vaudoise. Today, the fromagerie works in partnership with 50 dairy farmers who are dedicated to producing milk without feeding silage to their cattle. These farmers provide fresh milk to Fromagerie Moleson twice each day for the production of their cheeses. For the last thirty years, Rolf Beeler has had a small cheese booth located in Lucerne, Switzerland, that is dedicated to selling fine Swiss cheeses. Tomme Vaudoise is one of the few soft cheeses that Rolf Beeler has included in his collection. Mr. Beeler works solely with small-scale cheesemakers. Although some producers are still dedicated to making very traditional Swiss cheeses, Beeler also works with many new and innovative cheesemakers. These producers have emerged in the last fifteen years as a direct result of the easing of strict regulations surrounding Swiss cheese production. Beeler, in partnership with Caroline Hostettler, was among the first to introduce quality artisanal Swiss cheese to America. He is a highly acclaimed affineur (one who matures cheese) as well as Master Cheesemonger and has been dubbed by his peers as “Switzerland’s Pope of Cheese.” Tomme Vaudoise is a traditional, small format, raw cow’s milk cheese. Its highly aromatic, ivory colored, bloomy rind is marked with small indentations as a result of the cheeses aging on racks.

Tasting Notes

Matured for 8 weeks, the cheese is intensly flavored with the flora of the valley where the milk is sourced. It is fresh, grassy and aromatic with a gentle tang. The texture of Tomme Vaudoise is rich, oozy and yielding.


This cheese is best paired with dry white wines, like ones made with the Chasselas (a Swiss grape). Tomme Vaudoise is also lovely when paired with white wines with a touch of spritz, dry roses or light reds such as Gamay. Often, Tomme Vaudoise is highlighted in dishes. For example, it may be lightly pan fried and placed on top of a salad or alongside Rosti. It can also complete pasta dishes.