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The experience of introducing a customer to your story and products? You know, that personal connection?

We think we have a solution. Virtual Counter Culture is a unique and intimate opportunity to offer current and prospective customers the chance to hear what makes your products so special, directly from the source:  you.
Only Culture can reach your key audiences of cheese buyers, mongers, and influencers.

counter culture hosts educational seminars across the country for professionals in the cheese and specialty food industries.


From science, to culture, to language to marketing to economics—cheese and charcuterie are endlessly complex, but educational opportunities for mongers are frustratingly limited.

Partnering with a diverse roster of makers and industry leaders, we provide an accessible, evolving curriculum that connects attendees directly with experts, tastings, professional resources, community growth and other vital development opportunities.

counter culture hosts classes on cheese and charcuterie science, history, and pairing, while cheesemakers from around the world present what they do.


If you’re coming to counter culture, get hungry. With presenters guiding tastings of cheese and charcuterie —well, that’s a lot of food.

We work with our presenters to get packages full of samples for sampling to you at home or in your office. You can enjoy them along with the presentations and ask questions along the way.


Cheese people are the best people. At the very least, counter culture is an opportunity to get all of these people under one roof (or in one virtual Zoom room).

Most importantly, you’ll get to know other mongers and cheese professionals from your city and region, forming networks you can build on in the future.

We also keep in touch with you with weekly newsletters and offer access to a growing online resource full of learning materials and additional opportunities.

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You know it’s going to be good when it’s coming from the team at Culture Media.

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