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Heart of Mexico: Web Recipes

Stewed your way through Susana Trilling’s Roasted Poblano Pepper Bisque and tossed more Ensaladas de la Milpa than you can count, and still can’t get enough of the Mexican culinary superstar of Seasons of My Heart? You’re in luck, because we have three more recipes highlighting the best of cheese and Oaxacan cuisine! Check out the descriptions below and follow the links to individual recipes.

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Cheese Fondue with Purslane
(Quesillo Fundido con Verdolagas)

Verdolagas, an ancient herb also known as purslane and sometimes considered a weed, is found across the world and consumed in various cuisines throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, and Central and South America. Here the hearty green provides texture and a light, earthy flavor to an otherwise heavy dish of cheese and fried pork. If you can’t find purslane, try watercress.

Baked Squash with Chiles, Corn, and Cream
(Calabaza Horneadas)

Reminiscent of New England succotash, this baked dish is full of fresh produce, Mexican spice, and rich creamy cheese. Trilling recommends serving this comfort food as a taco filling or alongside soup for a light supper.

Shrimp and Octopus Fried Taquitos
(Tacos de Manolette de Camarones y Pulpo)

A favorite of chef Susana Trilling, you can use any type of seafood in the stuffing for these fried tacos. The sauce is good with vegetable crudités or spread on totopos or tostadas.