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In Queso You Missed It March 17th

Most of the cheesy news popping up on Google features the Baby Cheese Challenge. You’d assume more children would start crying upon finding a slice of American cheese stuck to their face, but . most just look stunned. An expert weighed in on the potential psychological side effects of the Baby Cheese Challenge. The section of a young child’s brain that responds to a current situation based on past experiences hasn’t developed yet. All they know is something cold and slimy is now blocking their vision; hopefully, this has never happened before. Fortunately, the presence of their caretaker assures them that they are safe, so they often don’t panic. Either way, just stop doing it, people. 

Here’s what you might have (also) missed this week in cheese news: 

  • For those who are still kids at heart, Disney has created a mac and cheese truck. You definitely won’t want to miss out on their intriguing takes on this classic, including the Crunchy Mac and Cheese made from six kinds of cheese and topped with Cheetos.   
  • Machines are taking over. We have bread makers, pasta makers…it’s time to add cheesemaker to the list. That’s right. Fromaggio is a fully automated cheesemaker that can churn out any cheese in 30 minutes to 48 hours. 
  • Wisconsin is one of the leading states in artisan cheese, so it’s no surprise they frequently walk away with first place at cheese competition. Bu this year’s U.S. Championship Cheese hails from Ohio.  
  • Ready to take your Easter Eggs to a whole new level? The Cheesealicious Easter Egg is a quarter pound of cheddar cheese, and comes with a pack of oatcakes and chutney. 
  • Cheese plates are super popular, but it’s often intimidating to build an Instagram-worthy spread to delight your guests. Thankfully, there’s an Instagram account to help.
  • Known mostly for wine and khachapuri, Georgia also has a delicious cheese scene. The Inquirer chose Sulguni, a cow’s or buffalo’s milk cheese, as their Cheese of the Month. This mozzarella-esque cheese is just begging to be melted over bread or potentially baked into grits. 
  • Approaching a cheese counter can be a bit entertaining for some. This helpful article includes a list of Whole Foods Cheese Counter hacks to give you confidence next time you stroll up to that counter. 

Madeline Upson

A longtime lover of cheese and wine nights, Madeline finally got to use her love of cheese as former Editorial Assistant at Culture Magazine.

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