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In Queso You Missed It March 24th

In Queso You Missed It March 24th

Welcome to spring, cheese lovers! It’s officially our favorite season for all things rosé and fresh goat cheese. The Culture staff is out west at the annual California Artisan Cheese Festival, so if you’re attending make sure you stop by our booth and say hi! Otherwise, make yourself a fresh batch of coffee and a platter of Cali classics like Humboldt Fog and Estero Gold. It’s time to hunker down with this week’s cheese news.

Here’s what you might have missed this week:

  • There’s a time and a place for American cheese, and it’s called fancy cheese foam.
  • After meeting their goal with weeks to spare, this highly-anticipated smart cheesemaking machine was mysteriously suspended from Kickstarter.
  • A Swiss university experimented with playing different genres of music to wheels of cheese as they age. Turns out, the cheeses that listened to hip-hop had the most pronounced flavors and aromas. Honestly, same.
  • Did someone say free grilled cheese festival? Tampa Bay is hosting a massive melt party this weekend and we’re already drooling for a toastie!
  • This one is for anyone who has ever found a tragic moldy, slimy wedge of cheese in the back of their crisper. It’s time to make a life change and store that precious cheese the right way.
  • There’s a new cheese on the block! British creamery Quicke’s just launched a cow’s and goat’s milk hybrid and her name is Lady Prue.
  • File this under things we never needed: Cheetos eggs.

Erika Kubick

Erika Kubick is culture's Social Media Editor. A monger-turned-preacher, she is devoted to turning on the next generation of cheese connoisseurs with seductive recipes, pairings, and enlightenment through her blog, Cheese Sex Death— a modern guide for cheese lovers.

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