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In Queso You Missed It February 11th

Welcome to Sunday, cheese lovers! Hope you’re relaxing and preparing for a week of indulgence, romance, and watching the winter Olympics. We’ve got Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, and Chinese New Year headed our way. Stuff your stomachs, spoil your significant other, and take a bite out of these cheesy tidbits.

Here’s what you might have missed this week in cheese:

  • We all know that chocolate is just as addicting as cheese – but have you tried them together? We’re swooning over this pairing guide from Jessica Sennett of Cheese Grotto.
  • Fat Tuesday is our favorite excuse to satisfy our wildest, gluttonous dreams. Enter the grilled cheese donut.
  • Bad news for people who love breakfast sandwiches (IE everyone). Turns out they’ve got a pretty hefty carbon footprint.
  • Even the French are getting on the vegan cheese train. The producers of this new cashew-based camembert even had a local cheesemonger taste-test it. 
  • This brûléed cheese tea is taking the trend to the next level. Now this is something we can sip on!
  • Cheese mites are finally getting the recognition they deserve as the mighty, micro heroes of cheesemaking.
  • Competition is mounting in Madison, Wisconsin as the World Championship Cheese Contest gets a record number of entries.
  • Prove your love this Valentine’s Day by pampering your partner with this delectable platter decked out with the perfect pairings by MadameFromage herself. 
  • A recently opened boutique in new york is selling both fancy sweaters and artisan cheese. That’s our kind of shopping experience. 
  • This London restaurant teamed up with a local cheesemonger to host a cheese pulling contest that includes the chance to win your own weight in cheese. Let the games begin!

Photo Credit: Jessica Sennett

Hayley Glossbrenner

Hayley is a professional cheesemonger and chocolate buyer at Formaggio Kitchen South End and an amateur writer. She cooks with the philosophy there is no dish which cannot be improved by the addition of cheese or chocolate.

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