In Queso You Missed It - Super Bowl Sunday
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In Queso You Missed It February 4th

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, cheese lovers! Before the madness ensues, call a timeout, take a knee, then go for two – two cups of coffee with your morning news, that is. Did someone say cocaine cheese sticks?

Here’s what you might have missed this week in cheese:

  • The most dangerous cheese in the world is making a resurgence in Sardinia, live fly larvae and all.
  • Ever wondered why some cheese smells like mushrooms or stinky feet? Tufts University researchers are crediting these odors to the unique marriage between fungi and bacteria found on cheese rinds.
  • The great stilton rolling festival is over – but Gloucestershire’s version has never been cooler.
  • Eagles fan? Make these Screaming Eagle Cheesesteaks for the big game. Patriots fan? This recipe’s birthplace is New England’s very own Boston College. Regardless of the score, these subs will give both sides something to celebrate.
  • Reno is getting a mobile cheese shop and we’re getting jealous.
  • A restaurant in Indiana served cocaine instead of cheese sticks to the wrong customer.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • This Italian cheesemaker takes wine and cheese pairings to a new level – all hail the drunken cheese.
  • Whole Foods just launched a new vegan cheese line – that’s only available in Canada.
  • A restaurant in Abu Dhabi is injecting its burgers with cheese – soggy bun alert!
  • Mac n’ cheese, one of America’s most coveted dishes, is actually… Swiss? As if it’s not enough that they get to have fondue and Raclette too.
  • Feta is crumbling Denmark-EU relations as disputes over its Protected Designation of Origin imperil Danish exports. Real-deal feta only comes from Greece, folks.
  • And if you need some more snack ideas for today, check out our super cheesy roundup.

Have a great week, cheese friends!

Feature Photo Credit: “Homemade Fried Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce” by Brent Hofacker | Shutterstock

Sam Jones

Sam Jones is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Agriculture, Food, and Environment at Tufts University. She has worked on organic vegetable farms in France, Scotland, and Washington as well as on a chicken and pig farm in Colorado. She is passionate about telling farmers' stories and exploring the varied agricultural methods that go into making delicious cheese around the world.

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