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New on the Market for Winter 2019

We’ve rounded up six hot products to look out for on your next shopping trip.

Made with wildflower honey and red raspberries from Chile and Mexico, Raspberry Mead from Long Island-based Beacon Meadery has us dreaming of warmer weather. Pair the boozy, honey-forward pour with something sharp and salty, like aged gouda or Pecorino Romano.

Forget baguettes—Peter’s Yard is new to the US market and they’ve got the perfect Sourdough Crispbread for your holiday cheese board. Their crisps boast the same bready flavor as the loaf you might otherwise reach for, and the flavor options (Original, Fig, Pink Peppercorn, and Caraway) amplify the classic sourdough tang.

Everyone’s favorite airplane cookie (and sweet spread) just got a cool upgrade. That’s right, Lotus Bakeries, the makers of Biscoff, are entering the ice cream world with options that combine their classic cookie with flavors like Salted Caramel, Chocolate Brownie, and Blueberry Cheesecake.

German-made Baldauf Allgäu-style cheeses are finally available in the US (it’s about time—they’ve been produced for over a century). Made with cow’s milk, homegrown cultures, and a smattering of toothsome rind coatings (think: Alpine flowers and chili flakes), you’ll be stoked to have these cheeses stateside.

Laura Chenel is no stranger to fresh, flavorful goat’s milk cheese, and their new Garlic & Chive chèvre is no exception. Spread it on a piece of rye bread and top with lox for a bagels-and-shmear vibe, or add it to your favorite omelet recipe—this cheese packs big flavor.

Madison Trapkin

Former Editor-in-Chief Madison Trapkin is an Atlanta-bred, Boston-based writer. She graduated from Boston University’s Gastronomy master’s Program in December 2018 and started at culture in March 2019. She is passionate about The Feminist Agenda, pizza, and regularly watering her houseplants.

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