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What Makes a Good Melting Cheese?

melted cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich

Qgreen_40px: What makes one cheese better than another for melting?

Agreen Higher fat, higher moisture, and younger (rather than more aged) cheeses are best for melting. For these reasons, low-fat and fat-free cheeses do not melt well. Older cheeses are drier and will require a higher temperature to melt. Grating or shredding cheese will give a better texture when melted because it will melt at a more even rate throughout – perfect for grilled cheese.

Top Melters at Larry’s Market:

  • Raclette
  • Gruyère
  • Comté
  • Marieke Gouda
  • Hook’s Three Year Sharp Cheddar (best for grilled cheese)
  • Sartori Cheese MontAmoré (fantastic for mac ’n’ cheese)

Cheesemonger Steve Ehlers

Cheesemonger Steve Ehlers took inventory for Larry’s Market in Milwaukee, Wis., at age 6 and checked out customers when he was 10. He fell in love with Normandy, France, in the early 1970s and has quietly built the specialty food side of this business ever since. He is now co-owner with sister Patty— though the store remains a true family endeavor, with siblings in management roles and Steve’s 90-year-old father Larry arriving daily to sell cheese.