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How Do I Pair Cheese with Jam?

Are there any rules for choosing which jam to serve with a particular cheese?
First off, there are no rules when serving or eating cheese. Anyone who says there are lacks creativity and lives in France (just kidding!). There are, however, some great cheese-and-jam combinations I’d suggest. My favorites include: Those are the standard combinations, but there are so many others that work really well. Savory onion jams, for example, are astounding with salty, Swiss-style, pressed-curd cheeses and sharp cheddars. And anytime you have a pungent blue or a robust washed-rind cheese, throw a bit of jam into the mix—the sweetness and acidity will balance the flavors of these cheeses and make them more approachable for the novice cheese-eater.

Jason Sobocinski

Jason is known as the owner and founder of Caseus Fromagerie Bistro in New Haven, Conn., an award-winning restaurant and cheese shop. He also hosts the TV show The Big Cheese on the Cooking Channel.

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