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Adam Centamore is a writer and professional wine & cheese educator in the Boston area. His first book, Tasting Wine & Cheese - An Insider's Guide to Mastering the Principles of Pairing, was a finalist for IACP Cookbook of the Year award. Adam conducts private, public, and corporate tasting events around New England, and has written for the Boston Globe, Edible South Shore, and other publications. When not working, he enjoys traveling to discover new ways to enjoy cuisine and culture. Adam loves to eat, drink and learn!

5 Cheese & Cocktail Pairings To Try This Summer

Chèvre with a Gin & Tonic? Yes, please! Toast to the end of summer with these delicious cheese and cocktail pairings.

A Visit to Gothberg Farms

When owner Rhonda Gothberg decided to buy a goat, she had no idea she’d one day be running a thriving dairy farm that makes 32 cheeses.

5 Cheese-Friendly Wines to Always Have on Hand

Because you should always have the right bottle of wine on-hand for whatever is in your cheese drawer.

Natural Mimolette

Have You Met Mimolette?

It’s aged with tiny mites and looks like a cantaloupe. What’s the story behind the famous Mimolette?

Three Amazing Wintery Cheese Recipes That Aren’t Raclette

Because you probably don’t have a raclette grill or wheel lying around right now, and then, of course, there are other great winter cheeses too.

vacherin mont d'or

A Winter Cheese Loaded With Holiday Cheer

Goopy, and totally scoopable, Winter cheeses like Vacherin Mont d’Or, Winnimere and Rush Creek Reserve are every curd nerd’s holiday pick.


Making Village Gruyère: Good Cheese Doesn’t Come Easy

Vials of milk used by makers are kept for six months as insurance by the Swiss AOP— the time it typically takes for a Gruyère wheel to show signs of any problem.


Making Traditional Alpage Gruyère

As only traditional methodologies are allowed, alpine cheesemaking is arduous and slow work. Every aspect of alpine Gruyère production is defined and regulated by the Swiss AOP.


And, The Cows Went Over The Mountain!

In Switzerland, nearly 130,000 cows are escorted up the mountains to their alpine grazing grounds early each summer. They will spend the next three months or so grazing on the grasses and wildflowers found only at these altitudes.